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Fishing Partnership "Narody Severa”

Key features of this production facility are as follows:

  1. High productivity, more than 500 tons of raw material per day. This plant is one of the largest facilities in Russia.
  2. Requirement to meet all HACCP specifications.
  3. Mixed composition of input salmon feedstock consisting of virtually all Far Eastern salmon species on some days of the salmon run season.
  4. Requirement to process white fish (pollock, flatfish, etc), with flatfish to be segregated into 7 gradations depending on species and size, headed and gutted; with pollock to be sorted by its size, headed, viscera extracted, roe and liver separated.

3d-tour of factory

Comment from customer

Grigory Vasilyevich Polukarov

Director General, Fishing Partnership "Narody Severa” LLC

“We discussed our joint project with Technological Equipment Company back in 2010 but decided at that time that a Russian company couldn’t have had enough experience in implementation of such large and complicated projects. After all, our plant has a capacity of more than 500 tons of raw material, simultaneously processes salmon and white fish, is one of the largest in the Russian Far East and quite sophisticated in process terms. We selected a South Korean company as designer and supplier. The result was not quite satisfactory because Korean engineers failed to make provision for Russian specifics and applied rather standard approaches to non-standard tasks.

In 2014, we decided to build a new plant and this turn-key project was handled by Technological Equipment Company. The fishing season of 2015 showed that this decision had been a correct one. The process flow of the plant was elaborated in much detail, equipment was manufactured with high quality and all contractual dates were observed. Feedback from plant personnel regarding work places, their convenience and ergonomics was positive. No operational problems have occurred.”


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