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Vostochny Bereg LLC

Key features of the production facility are as follows:

  1. High productivity, up to 400 tons of raw material per day.
  2. Requirement to meet all HACCP specifications.
  3. Mixed composition of input feedstock consisting of virtually all Far Eastern salmon species on some days of the salmon run season.
  4. Requirement to sort and freeze sac roe.
  5. Requirement to produce both individually frozen products and products frozen in blocks, head on and headed.

Comment from customer

Sergei Mikhailovich Butakov

Deputy Director General in charge of Fish Catching and Processing, Vostochny Bereg LLC

We have considered various options, visited companies in the USA and South Korea but finally selected Technological Equipment Company. Why? We had already had experience with this company; they had constructed our old plant. What do we like about this company? They handle a project from start to end in terms of development, design and equipment installment, and commission the facility in the full fish processing mode. Their staff is present on the site during commissioning period helping in precise adjustment of all assemblies and quickly training our workers to operate the line.


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