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About company

History of development

  • The first deliveries of meat processing equipment , delivery and setup of equipment manufactured in Germany and other European countries;
  • Cooperation with Uldis Bikernieks (Germany) in terms of selection and delivery of meat processing equipment;
  • Opening of an in-house design bureau and production of the first fish processing lines;
  • Expansion of the design bureau;
  • Establishment of in-house production capacity;
  • Conversion to production and sale of fish processing equipment;
  • Creation of the first salmon processing line designed in-house;
  • Signing of an agreement with “Yantai Moon Co. Ltd” on refrigerating equipment delivery and servicing;
  • Construction of the first large fish processing plants;
  • Designing of self-engineered diesel generator models and organization of their production in China;
  • Replacement of a range of materials used in plant construction from metal to plastic;
  • Introduction of new technologies for fish and fish products transportation;
  • Start of cooperation with Peruza (Latvia), the first experience of joint engineering works on plant design;
  • Start of a designing program on fish waste processing systems, start of cooperation with Alfa Laval (Sweden);
  • Development and launching of the first waste processing system, cooperation with the A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS on the development of fish oil refining technology;
  • The beginning of the designing works for the two Russia’s largest fishing processing plant projects: Vostochny Bereg LLC (salmon processing) and Fishing Partnership “Narody Severa” LLC (salmon and white fish processing);
  • Construction of the first plant on the Amur River; admission to Skolkovo membership;
  • Restructuring of Technological Equipment LLC;
  • Launching Chistyi Ostrov line for fatty fish waste processing on Sakhalin Island.

Structure of the company


Our design bureau performs designing works using state-of-the-art systems and engineering techniques. Its personnel includes both experienced and young engineers thus combining classical and fresh approaches to our projects and enabling to view them in all aspects at the design stage.


This workshop manufactures equipment. Its production area occupies more than 4,500 sq. m. and accommodates most advanced machine tools including a laser cutting machine tool and facilities for product pre-assembly and run-in testing before shipment to customers.


It manufactures general-purpose equipment for meat and fish processing and metal products widely used throughout all food processing branches and catering facilities. Its production area occupies about 1,500 sq. m.


This business unit sells our products. Trade House also supplies equipment produced by the third parties and by our partners. Our qualified specialists will assist potential clients in selecting technical solutions best suited for their production process and financial resources of the client.


This business unit collaborates with global leaders in the field of industrial food freezing and chilling equipment manufacturing. Its staff has ample experience in equipment installation and pre-commissioning including design and erection of freezing warehouses, blast freezing workshops, contact and non-contact freezing workshops.


This division performs such activities as pre-sale preparation, repair, warranty maintenance and after-sale services for any technological equipment used in food industry. It also performs installation and pre-commissioning works.
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Address by Director General

Oleg Valentinovich Komarov

Dear Partners,

Since 1998, Technological Equipment Company has been performing engineering activities in the fields of fish and seafood processing, industrial cold, fish waste processing, as well as design, piecework and serial production of equipment for fishing industry. During this time, we have designed and implemented a multitude of projects.

Onshore factories with a daily capacity of up to 500 tons operated by Vostochny Bereg, Zyuid, “Narody Severa” and other companies. Medium-size factories with a daily capacity of 100–250 tons for scores of companies based in Kamchatka, the Kurils, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk and Primorsky region. Dozens of small-size plants with a daily capacity from 2–3 tons in many Russian regions. All these facilities have been designed and built by our company. Thousands of units of serial fish processing equipment manufactured by our company are currently in operation in these and other plants all over Russia – from Kaliningrad in the west to Commander Islands in the east, both on shore and at sea.

Primary and higher-level processing of all marine and some river fish species, roe, seafood; salting, drying ,curing, cold and hot smoking; production of fillets and canned fish, fish meal and fish oil; vacuum and gas filled packing; blast freezing, ice generation, refrigerated warehouses – these are only some areas of our expertise gained during years of operation in fishing industry.

We continuously expand the field of our activities and build up the scale of our projects. Convenience and easy way of cooperation with our companies noted by many of our partners is achieved through an integrated approach to project implementation, advanced technologies used in our work, high level of responsibility and quality.

Today, Technological Equipment LLC looks to the future with confidence. Due to our style, methods and quality of our work, we have gained a reputation of a steadily and successfully running organization operating at a high level of civilized business community. Being the leader in our industry and aware of the degree of our responsibility, we apply all our capabilities, knowledge and experience to make our performance an exemplar of high-efficient execution of one’s obligations.


Our clients

LLC "Ratimir"

Ltd. "Fishing Artel&quot

Peoples of the North"

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LLC "Ratimir"

Ltd. "Fishing Artel" Peoples of the North"

LLC "East Coast"

LLC "Koryakmoreprodukt"

LLC "Ratimir"

Ltd. "Fishing Artel" Peoples of the North"

LLC "East Coast"

LLC "Koryakmoreprodukt"

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