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Koryakmoreproduct LLC

Key features of this production facility are as follows:

1. High productivity, up to 250 tons of raw material per day.

2. Requirement to meet all HACCP specifications.

3. Mixed composition of input feedstock consisting of virtually all Far Eastern salmon species on some days of the salmon run season.

4. Requirement to sort and freeze sac roe.

5. Requirement to produce both products frozen in blocks and individually frozen products.

6. Requirement for waste free fish processing and production of fish meal and fish oil.

Comment from customer

V.N. Abakumov

Director General, Koryakmoreproduct LLC


“As of the time of its construction, our plant was the first waste free facility for salmon processing in the Russian Far East. The technology of waste separation in a decanter was still “raw” and specialists from Technological Equipment Company were perfecting and updating it to the industrial level at our plant during two fishing seasons. But we had been aware of this risk and accepted it because we had ample positive experience with this company. And we have won – the technology started working, paid back in a short time and brought us good benefits.

The process flow itself is organized very well and fish processing equipment has been flawlessly performing since its commissioning in the full fish processing mode in 2012 to the present time.”


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