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Zyuid LLC

Key features of this production facility are as follows:

  1. High productivity, up to 200 tons of raw material per day.
  2. Requirement to meet all HACCP specifications.
  3. Mixed composition of input feedstock consisting of virtually all Far Eastern salmon species on some days of the salmon run season.
  4. Requirement to sort and freeze sac roe.
  5. Requirement to produce fish products frozen in blocks, head on and headed.

Comment from customer

A.V. Gordienko

Director General, Zyuid LLC

“We needed to accommodate a large-capacity fish processing facility, up to 400 tons per day, in an existing building. It was such a difficult task that we had doubts whether it could be solved at all. Nonetheless, Technological Equipment Company has successfully implemented its solution. They have designed and built the plant and commissioned it in the full fish processing mode. Fishing season experience showed that the selected process flow, despite limitations in space, is effective and efficient. All equipment operates normally, design capacity is reached and, what is most surprising, no fish jams occur despite spatial limitations. This is a very well-thought job and processional performance with an outstanding result.”


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