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FIC Vostochnoye

Key features of this production facility are as follows:

  • Fully automated process cycle for salmon processing.
  • Increased production volume after refurbishment.
  • The plant is designed for receiving 300 tons of raw material and freezing 250 tons of fish products per day.
  • Square area of freezing workshop: 1,800 sq. meters. Power rating: 1,350 kW.
  • Number of staff per shift: 80.

3d-tour of factory

Comment from customer

Alexey P. Reshetov

Director General, FIC Vostochnoye LLC

“Technological Equipment Company designed and built for us a premium level plant. Governor of Khabarovsk region Vyacheslav Shport who attended the grand opening ceremony said that “in fact, this is the most advanced fish processing facility in Khabarovsk region”, and it’s absolutely true. Suffice it to say that fish freezing to inner temperature of –18°C in a plate freezer takes less than one hour and a half. And our roe processing workshop equipped with a separator, water removing centrifuges, inspection conveyor and brine station manufactured by Technological Equipment Company is capable of producing 20 tons of screened salted roe per day engaging only 12 workers per shift and with so little loss that our specialists never believed it would be possible.”



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