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Poronaisky Fur Farm

Key features of this production facility are as follows:

  1. Production capacity of up to 150 tons of raw material per day.
  2. Requirement to meet all HACCP specifications.
  3. Requirement to produce both products frozen in blocks and individually frozen, head-on and headed.

3d-tour of factory

Comment from customer

Maxim Drugov

Director General

We had been summoning up our courage for a long time to start refurbishing our plant. We are very glad to have finished this. A well-thought technology, dedicated work stations intended for one particular operation only – all this assists in solving a problem common for al fishermen, namely, shortage of skilled workforce. The slot conveyor is particularly useful in this respect. A couple of hours of working on it, and newcomer may be considered an experienced fish dresser. Fish, block mold and roe movements are well organized. It is much easier to manage production, finished product quality has improved, output per worker has noticeably increased and many other benefits have been gained. We have no complaints regarding performance and quality of the equipment.


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